Thursday, October 7, 2010

I admit it , I'm Sorry !

Hey miss ! im sorry bout just now. bout wat happened to us,wat h
append at school and BLA...BLA...BLA... I dunno wat happened to you when u since u arrived at school... I thought u need time to be alone...yaa in my mind maybe u had a probs so i dunn want to disturb u...then i just let it be...but all change in one time...u looked different today...u dunn looked i use before...u just liked want to avoid from me...I WONDER Y ?!!! answer me ! always u looked happy with me...u dunn talked much with me today...not much but u not speak directly with me !! im hurt ! yes
im ! i just dunn want u to know it ! u talked to them ! if u know wat i feel rite now ! ouhh i wish ! can u ! and now,TONIGHT I MISS U !! I CRIED !! i admit it ! satisfied ?! I need you now ! I STILL can FORGET bout U ! I dunno wat to do ! i just accidentally said that word to u ! u now my attitude.i didn't mean to hurt u ! i wish i could turn the clock back ! i wish u know wat im trying to say ! i wish u know that i really2 mean it ! i wish u read this ! and i wish u COULD BE MY FREND BACK !! I WISH SOO ! I DUNN WANT TO LOSE U ! I REALLY2 MEAN IT !!
OUH GOD ! plissss ! give me a chance to redeem all my fault to u ! plisss !!!
be my BFF back ! im begging u !! if u be with me back, im promise i will never ignore u anymore ! that my promise ! PLISSSS !!!!!