Saturday, October 9, 2010

I fell in love with that JERK ! LOL could i fell in love with that guy ? weird doesn't ? that guy just being my all changed...wat should i do ?! i can't fell in love with him ! NO ! i can't ! i must
get rid of this stooopid felling ! jeng...jeng...jeng...but how ?! *sigh*! wait ! but y i called him JERK ? oh yeaahhh ! bcoz i want too !
Almost everyday i think abut him ! "Dear Brain,y u make me think about that guy ? y Brain ?! y ?! "
when i think about it back...y should i ask my brain or my other organs ? actually,that guy make me think about him almost everyday...and now i got the answerr y i
called him JERK...bcoz he is the "stupid" thing in my whole life...that the reasonable answer rite ? for me u are the nice JERK in my lifee...kod je laa en...mayb i can't get him for the moment...mayb in the next few month or mayb in a few more YEARS ! i have to wait...wait...and WAIT ! until he will see how much I LOVE HIM !
I lose him before and now...but after this i'll never lose him FOREVER & EVER !
but now i'm afraid if after this i'm gonna lose him...wat i'm gonna to do ?!
Please...don't leave meh ! *lgu Pink !* everyday,every hour...i keep u in my heart...but...did u know that I Love You ? NO ! of course u dunno ! if u know it...i'm gonna be dead !
I wish u can read this ! so this is MY HIDDEN LOVE STORY !