Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Miss You Like Hell ! : )

I never felt loike this on u...but y now ? y now I missing been a week I didn't connect with u...and now I can't lie to myself that I tota
lly missing u ! but before I'm totally hate u !
but now I'm missing u...I'm not just missing u other
wise I lost u... I lost u
for a moment...
But WAIT ! nononono ! I can't missing u...I can't love u !
Tinie,focus Tinie ! it not the time yet !
But I can't stop loving u laaaa JERK !
susah laaa na let u go loike that ! : )
Haiiyaaa !
What happen to me meyh ?!
Brain ouh Brain...Stop laa thinking bout that beloved JERK !
Ooops ! sorry not is MANGKOK !

Well till this I stop...
I'll update moooooree next time yah !
Bubye ! : )

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dya Bukan Laky Kau Pun ! ( for girls )

This is probs to girls : BEREBUT LAKY ! Helloh ! u guys like no other work to do besides want to fight over man ?! when this happen,startlahh want to fight,want to pull each other hair...maybe one day the high heels will be thrown...LOL ! it can be WORLD WAR THE THIRD
(girls version)
This happen is just to get a same man ! NONSENSE !! remember
Sometimes they got in this situation : BLIND JEALOUSY ! this is also another girls probs !
When ur boyfiee met another girl or be closed to another girl,in work situation, u must get mad and attack them without any proofs ! like orang tua² said Serbu Tembok Taa Pakay Helmet ! *eh tataw btui ke ta*
I have made a dialogue between a blind jealousy girlfriend and her poor boyfriend :

Girlfriend : B ! u buat apa dkat sini ?! u kata u ada project group laa apa laa...
tp u stay nan perempuan nie apahal ?! bila i ajak u kuar,
u kata u ada keja laa apa rupa
²nya u tga stick nan girl nie ! apa nie ?!!

Boyfriend : Bby, i tga wat keja laa nie...u ta nmpak discussing paper kitaorg ?
u nie jgn bg i malu dpan kwn i nie...

Girlfriend : B ! u kata u wat group ! nie u both jaa ada kata sini apa cherr ?!
ary tuh kata na sehidp semati nan i la apa laa...
nie apa sehidup semati taek kucing u !
u da promise ta na curang nan nie apa hah !??

: U ! mmg la i kata i wat yg laen ta smpai lgy...
so,while waiting for them...
kitaorg discuss apa yg patut dulu...
u jgn la na cemburu buta...

Girlfriend : Oooo..u egt i buta kaa ? i nmpak u both duduk dkat² tuh apa ?!

Finally that Boyfriend just shut up,couple minutes later...the Boyfriend's friends arrived...
His friends apologized to him bcoz late due the traffic jam...*in front of the Girlfriend* the Boyfriend said to his friends It ok...the Girlfriend felt ashamed to that girl and walked away...

So girls,that is the lesson that we must learn !
that all for now...

P/s : I NOT the type of this kind...NOT !

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Can u be mine ?

''Be mine...ouhhh plisss be mine ! can u ?! of course not ! i must buy u first and after that u will be mine ! buttt... i don't have enough money for this moment to buy u...soo sad...''
Wat i mean was Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm ! the smartphone that all people want !
but not all of the people want that smartphone will get it ! just certain of people will get em ! this Blackberry Bold
are great smartphone ever ! this
features of Blackberry Bold are great ! Bold got
  • 512 MB onboard memory, 2 GB media card
  • Optical trackpad
  • Support for UMTS, EDGE and CDMA/EVDO REVA networks
isn't great ?
well , the another model of Blackberry tha
t i want is Blackberry Storm...this also a great smartphone ! but ! the Strom features is kinda different from the

The Storm got
  • Enhanced touch screen
  • Wi-Fi® support
  • 2 GB embedded multimedia card
Whoaaa...! both of them are awesome...i dunno how to choose one of em...hurmmm...

Plus...! mayb i have to wait another 3 years or above to buy this phone...y i must to wait that long to get it ? well...wat to do i have to wait that long...Patient Tinie...Patient... :)

I fell in love with that JERK ! LOL could i fell in love with that guy ? weird doesn't ? that guy just being my all changed...wat should i do ?! i can't fell in love with him ! NO ! i can't ! i must
get rid of this stooopid felling ! jeng...jeng...jeng...but how ?! *sigh*! wait ! but y i called him JERK ? oh yeaahhh ! bcoz i want too !
Almost everyday i think abut him ! "Dear Brain,y u make me think about that guy ? y Brain ?! y ?! "
when i think about it back...y should i ask my brain or my other organs ? actually,that guy make me think about him almost everyday...and now i got the answerr y i
called him JERK...bcoz he is the "stupid" thing in my whole life...that the reasonable answer rite ? for me u are the nice JERK in my lifee...kod je laa en...mayb i can't get him for the moment...mayb in the next few month or mayb in a few more YEARS ! i have to wait...wait...and WAIT ! until he will see how much I LOVE HIM !
I lose him before and now...but after this i'll never lose him FOREVER & EVER !
but now i'm afraid if after this i'm gonna lose him...wat i'm gonna to do ?!
Please...don't leave meh ! *lgu Pink !* everyday,every hour...i keep u in my heart...but...did u know that I Love You ? NO ! of course u dunno ! if u know it...i'm gonna be dead !
I wish u can read this ! so this is MY HIDDEN LOVE STORY !


Friday, October 8, 2010

Here It Goes...

hey friend ! i mean it goes...we've settle bout that thing...and now...we're not longer besties anymore...besties laa sanad en...well wat to a fate...we can't deny it over,it gone,it u go ur way,i go my way...that the FACT !

we're done ! our FRIENDSHIP !ourRELATIONSHIP AS BESTIES ARE OVER ! for me our friendship are die...RIP: BESTIES RELATIONSHIP...
agak menyedihkan !!
whoaa ! i being jiwang karat oOoO ! And now ! theres no relation between us ! theres a line even
a wall ! like this -->
Lalalala...anything happened at us, we just not pretend to know...hope u happy with your new BESTIES la sanad ennn ! but if u caught in any problems find me ! i will punch your lovely face turn to a great more nicest face in the world ! How could we know maybe one day u will enter the MISS UNIVERSE competition...ahaks ! i'm here not to ruin your name or wat...bcoz i'm not mention ur name even a letter ! dunn worry...i'm not finding you anymore...i'm not gonna bear grudge against you...even a little tiny grudge...i'm not a vengeful tataw laahh wat about you...
Seems until now our friendship...tengs for everything...bcoz you doing "perfectly"...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I admit it , I'm Sorry !

Hey miss ! im sorry bout just now. bout wat happened to us,wat h
append at school and BLA...BLA...BLA... I dunno wat happened to you when u since u arrived at school... I thought u need time to be alone...yaa in my mind maybe u had a probs so i dunn want to disturb u...then i just let it be...but all change in one time...u looked different today...u dunn looked i use before...u just liked want to avoid from me...I WONDER Y ?!!! answer me ! always u looked happy with me...u dunn talked much with me today...not much but u not speak directly with me !! im hurt ! yes
im ! i just dunn want u to know it ! u talked to them ! if u know wat i feel rite now ! ouhh i wish ! can u ! and now,TONIGHT I MISS U !! I CRIED !! i admit it ! satisfied ?! I need you now ! I STILL can FORGET bout U ! I dunno wat to do ! i just accidentally said that word to u ! u now my attitude.i didn't mean to hurt u ! i wish i could turn the clock back ! i wish u know wat im trying to say ! i wish u know that i really2 mean it ! i wish u read this ! and i wish u COULD BE MY FREND BACK !! I WISH SOO ! I DUNN WANT TO LOSE U ! I REALLY2 MEAN IT !!
OUH GOD ! plissss ! give me a chance to redeem all my fault to u ! plisss !!!
be my BFF back ! im begging u !! if u be with me back, im promise i will never ignore u anymore ! that my promise ! PLISSSS !!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Miss Brain Washer...!!

Oh god ! new Miss Brain Washer is here...damn ! just can't believe my own friend be a Brain Washer...I don't want to mention her stupid name...just called her Miss B... she not just a Brain Washer,but she a backstabber too...WTH ?! why she do this to Eyra and I ?! why ?!
Eyra and I was so disappointed got a friend like that...
Oops ! not friend anymore but EX-friend...
Plus this Miss B is very rude when people being serious
And sometimes she like an Evil Clown... hohoho...
Want to know why I her like an Evil Clown ?
B'coz when people being serious talking to her...she talk back with her STUPID jokes....
Well...what to do...people changes,brain changes,heart changes,manners changes but Miss B changes like HELL !!

To Miss B,don't you realize that we help you every time you're in problems ??
Is this the way you pay back our sacrifice ?!
How cloud you do this to us ?!
One more thing, Don't you remember your foster sister is just yours Brain Washer !!
Don't be selfish ! who taught you to be selfish ?! I never taught my friend like this !!
Well maybe Eyra and I wrong choose a friend...a friend like you...
Well this time you're too extreme....
And this time,Eyra and I will not forgive you as usual...
We want you come and seek of apologize...
If you realize your fault....