Saturday, October 9, 2010

Can u be mine ?

''Be mine...ouhhh plisss be mine ! can u ?! of course not ! i must buy u first and after that u will be mine ! buttt... i don't have enough money for this moment to buy u...soo sad...''
Wat i mean was Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm ! the smartphone that all people want !
but not all of the people want that smartphone will get it ! just certain of people will get em ! this Blackberry Bold
are great smartphone ever ! this
features of Blackberry Bold are great ! Bold got
  • 512 MB onboard memory, 2 GB media card
  • Optical trackpad
  • Support for UMTS, EDGE and CDMA/EVDO REVA networks
isn't great ?
well , the another model of Blackberry tha
t i want is Blackberry Storm...this also a great smartphone ! but ! the Strom features is kinda different from the

The Storm got
  • Enhanced touch screen
  • Wi-Fi® support
  • 2 GB embedded multimedia card
Whoaaa...! both of them are awesome...i dunno how to choose one of em...hurmmm...

Plus...! mayb i have to wait another 3 years or above to buy this phone...y i must to wait that long to get it ? well...wat to do i have to wait that long...Patient Tinie...Patient... :)