Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Miss You Like Hell ! : )

I never felt loike this on u...but y now ? y now I missing been a week I didn't connect with u...and now I can't lie to myself that I tota
lly missing u ! but before I'm totally hate u !
but now I'm missing u...I'm not just missing u other
wise I lost u... I lost u
for a moment...
But WAIT ! nononono ! I can't missing u...I can't love u !
Tinie,focus Tinie ! it not the time yet !
But I can't stop loving u laaaa JERK !
susah laaa na let u go loike that ! : )
Haiiyaaa !
What happen to me meyh ?!
Brain ouh Brain...Stop laa thinking bout that beloved JERK !
Ooops ! sorry not is MANGKOK !

Well till this I stop...
I'll update moooooree next time yah !
Bubye ! : )